Make your own Red Stripe Wine Glasses

Red Striped Wine GlassMy mom fell in love with these great red striped wine glasses at Pier One. Unfortunately they were $6.50 each! That can make for an expensive party before you ever buy the wine.

Answer: Make your own!

What they would cost you to buy for 8 dinner guest: $52 + tax

What they cost you to make: $10.50 + 8 minutes of your time. (Hey going to the store would take at least 30mins and gas!)


Wine glasses from the Dollar Store $1

Glass puff paint from the craft store ( must be for glass, can be found in the stain glass section- see image below) $2.50

Step 1: Clean glass and dry.

Step 2: Turn glass over and begin to draw a swirl starting at the stem of the glass with your paint. Turn the glass slowly following the line to the lip of the glass. Let drive overnight.


Red Striped Wine GlassesGallery Glass


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