Quick, Affordable, Christmas Craft Idea: Peppermint Bath Salts

Peppermint Bath Salts - Make your ownLooking for a craft that is quick and easy and won’t break the bank right here at the holidays? Have teachers gifts to give or an office party? I have the perfect gift! Best part, the more you make the cheaper the overall cost of each gift.

Peppermints are the scent of the season. Their bright red and white stripes are cheerful and the smell of peppermints relaxing during a hectic holiday season.

Make these Peppermint striped bath salts for as little as $2 each!

Materials needed: (makes approximately 8 depending on jar size)

– Box of Epson salts ( can be found in the health aisle at any grocery or pharmacy) $3

– Glass jar or plastic ( I used a cute one from the Dollar store – should have a screw on top) $1

– Bottle of red food coloring $2

– Bottle of Peppermint Extract/Oil ( found in the baking section with the spices and vanilla flavoring) $3

– Scissors

– 6″x6″ square of Christmas Fabric ( I like red stripes) $2 for a 1/2 yard

– white 1/4″ ribbon $1


Peppermints, construction paper tag or a Teaspoon for decoration. Funnel for pouring.

Step 1. Separate salts into two bowls.

2. place 8-10 drops of food coloring in one of the bowls and stir until desired red/ pink color is achieved.

3. Place 5+ drops of Peppermint Extract into each bowl and stir.

4. Alternate pouring salts into jar to create a stripe effect. Between each pour, tap the jar on the table to even out the layer, never shake.

5. Once filled to top, place fabric square over the opening and secure the lid.

6. Tie on any additional decorations and your done!

** and no, it will not turn your bath red, tested and approved 😉 **

Make your own Peppermint Bath SaltsMaterials to make Bath Salts


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