Easy DIY Tutorial – Gallery Wall with Ikea Ribba Frames

Want to create a gallery wall but don’t know where to start. Frames or photos? Then there is the measuring nightmare and the spacing! Below you will find all the instructions and diagrams you need to create a flawless gallery wall in half the time with all the planning and measurements done. All you have to do is shop, pick out your pics and follow the directions to hang.

STEP 1a   Select Your Frames – Ikea Ribba Series – sizes are in centimeters unless otherwise labeled b/c it was easier to make the pattern since Ikea frame sizes are based on the metric system.


STEP 1b Get Your Supplies – Love the idea of a gallery wall but not 100 new holes in your freshly painted wall? Here are two products that will help. You can find both of these at Target. In my opion the Hang and Level is well worth the $15. The Arrow thumbtack picture hangers come in a large pack of 10lb, 15lb and 20lb for $9.


STEP 2  Figure out your wall size and arrangement – See More Examples Below


STEP 3 Divide and conquer. You will need to put this up in sections as well as in the following order to make your life easier. There will be some sections that are not 2.5” apart. Only the areas in red should be spaced at 2.5”. See below for my suggested order to put them up. The order may seem strange, but think of it as aligning your baselines 1st then moving on to aligning the outside edges.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 3.22.19 PM

Finished Project: Photowall

Other Arrangements: