Convert a Word Doc into Clean HTML

Easy Way to Convert Word docs to HTML
Microsoft Word has to be a web and graphic designers arch enemy. How many times as a designer have you heard “Wonderful design Sally, now send it to me in a word doc?” -or- “Great website Joe, now here is a 32 page word document for the content of the site. I made sure to include lots of formatting and bullets. Can you have it tomorrow?”

This is the point at which I look for the closest bridge to jump off. MSWord is the devil.

Well graphic designers unfortunately Adobe has not come up with a decent cure for this issue but, lucky for web designers, I have a somewhat quick trick to converting the copy with minimal editing.

1. NEVER use the code that MS Word produces.

2. A lot of the online conversion sites do an okay job, but they are not all updated with the newest rules in HTML

3. Do you have a “newer” copy of Dreamweaver? If you do, you are in luck. If you don’t have Dreamweaver but are familiar with WordPress move to #5.

4. Open a new HTML doc in Dreamweaver. Copy the text from your Word doc and paste it into the Design tab in Dreamweaver. Click on the code tab in Dreamweaver. Wa La a somewhat decently formatted HTML doc. You can further filter how your text gets pasted in by choosing “Paste Special” from the Edit Menu and then choosing Copy/Paste Preferences.

5. No Dreamweaver? Go to and sign up for a free blog.

6. Once you have your blog, go to the dashboard and click on post.
Paste your word doc text into the text field. Click the HTML or Code tab (version dependent) at the top of the text box.

7. Note that WordPress does a pretty good job as well. They just don’t include paragraph tags. You will have to manually insert these. This may seem annoying, but it is better than having to comb through and remove all the nonsense you don’t need.

Hope you found this helpful!